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Does the outside of your home or business need some extra love this year?
Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head will help you care for your curb appeal and fall in love with your property all over again when you use our softwash services.

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What Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head Can Do For You

Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head services private homes as well as commercial businesses and specializes in everything from siding, roof, stucco, and gutter cleaning to pressure washing concrete and decks, and sanitizing trash and dumpster areas. Whatever exterior cleaning you need, Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head can provide. Experience our low pressure system.

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Our Soft Washing Services Take Care of Your Entire Property

Exterior Washing

You might not have to paint your home?

Driveway Cleaning

See the difference in your driveway today.

Deck & Patio

Revive your patio or deck with a soft washings.

Fence Cleaning

Getting letters from the HOA? We can help!

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Our soft washing is downright amazing! There we said it. Let us show you the difference our pressure washing technology can make on your Hilton Head home.

Why You Need Soft Wash Services
For Your Hilton Head Home Or Business

While it’s perfectly acceptable to buy your own power washer and clean your exterior surfaces, it’s also very easy to damage them. Let SoftWash on Hilton Head use a gentler approach, with low pressure, on your more delicate surfaces by using a lowered PSI (usually under 500 PSI) than traditional pressure washing (closer to 2,500 PSI). Utilizing this approach ensures your paint and wood will stay intact while also getting clean. Our low pressure soft wash system is also perfect for roof cleaning. Southern Style SoftWash also can use our low pressure cleaning to preform window cleaning on your home. This ensure no leaks or excess water into the cracks and crevices.

Here are a few signs that you may need SoftWash services:

  1. Siding is Dirty or Dull in Appearance

While taking soap and water to your siding may improve the look for a while, softwashing will obliterate the dust, dirt, and algae that has built up over the years, transform the look of your house, and give you longer lasting results in just a few minutes all while protecting the integrity of your home’s exterior surfaces. Dont for get that this also works for window cleaning.

  1. Gutters are Overflowing
    Especially if you have trees in your yard, you may have experienced overflowing gutters. When gutters get clogged with leaves and gook, it makes it impossible to drain excess water away from your home. Utilizing softwash services will help keep your gutters clear, drain water well away from your hard and home, and protect your home from unwanted water or mold creeping inside.
  2. Stained Driveway
    Notorious for harboring mold, mildew, and other stains, softwashing your driveway is a simple and effective way to make it look new. Our patented low pressure works wonders on pavement and concrete.
  3. Dirty Deck
    If you have a light colored deck, you know the annoyance of stains. Even darker colored decks can start to look discolored after a while. A simple softwash can do wonders for a stained deck. It may even give you the needed boost to do those pesky little repairs that pop up with deck upkeep!
  4. Roof is Discolored

A clear sign that algae may be growing on your roof is black streaks. Algae is not only ugly to look at, it can eat away at your roofing and do some serious damage over time. A quick softwash will have your roof sparkling clean and kick the algae to the curb. This is a good sign you need roof cleaning.

How Are Soft Washing Technology Is Different

SoftWash on Hilton Head specializes in cleaning your exteriors, but we are different in our field because we clean them with specifically formulated solutions and innovative technology that are both effective and affordable. Our solutions are carefully mixed then applied to the surface under a controlled method: using water-fed poles and a lower PSI in order to minimize overspray. The gentle spray also protects your home during the roof cleaning. We make sure to safely clean all the exterior surfaces. We also can use this low pressure technology on commercial property in the area.

Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head will gently but effectively eradicate any algae, dirt, or grime off of your exterior surfaces including homes, businesses, equipment, or other structures and leave them looking brand new. Cleaning exteriors is not only an aesthetic improvement that adds curb appeal, but the life of your surfaces will be significantly prolonged, making the call to Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head well worth your time.

Is Pressure Washing & Soft Washing The Same Thing?

No, soft washing and pressure washing is very different. The soft washing process relies upon the chemicals we use to breakdown dirt, algae, mold and other containments. These chemicals are safe for your home, your yard and the environment. Pressure washing relies upon the strength of the water blast to remove dirt, however this can also remove paint, damage stucco and cause more harm than good.

What Separates Us from Other Businesses

We are committed to nurturing good relationships between our staff, workforce, and customers. We always strive for you to have the most incredible service experience ever. At Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head, we aim to be the preferred choice for customers looking for excellent service, professional work, and top-rate care.

You Can Count on Southern Style SoftWash on Hilton Head

When you choose Soft Wash on Hilton Head, you can rest assured you will receive professional and detailed care. We have the resources and experience to exceed your expectations, plus we make sure all of our supply chains implement ethical trading, so you can feel good about the products we use. It’s our goal to make home and business owners take pride in their exteriors and we will work diligently to ensure you get the results you desire.

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FAQ’s About Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island: Hilton Head Island is part of the Lowcountry region in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It’s known for Atlantic Ocean beaches and golf courses. The Harbour Town Lighthouse and Museum marks the southwest tip. The Coastal Discovery Museum features heritage buildings, trees and themed gardens. Between the island and mainland, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge salt marsh hosts deer, alligators and birds. From Google

Elevation: 10′
Area: 69.15 mi²
Mayor: John J. McCann
Population: 38,076 (2021)
Area code: 843

Why is Hilton Head Island so popular? Hilton Head Island is justifiably famous for its incredible beaches and world-class golf courses. It’s regularly voted one of the best vacation destinations in the world. (from Discover South Carolina)

When Is The Best Time To Visit Hilton Head Island? The best time to visit Hilton Head is April and May as well as September and October. Spring and fall offer fewer crowds and lower lodging rates all the while maintaining temperatures that are still beach-friendly. (From Travel USNews)

Is Hilton Head Or Myrtle Beach Better? Myrtle Beach is great for groups looking to have a fun, casual beach vacation with more affordable lodging and plenty of nightlife, while Hilton Head is quieter, featuring natural beaches with plenty of wildlife in a high-class resort environment. (From Roadtript)